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Monday, February 27, 2006

As promised.

Took me a while today to arrange the photo shoot without both my friend and I looking like weirdos here at work!

I do do do so like it! Think I may wear it as a shawl however. Is it still called a clapotis then? Can I still eat croissants?

Am considering another - so you see it wasn't that bad! But it if hadn't been for the "team" of 4000, I probably would have packed it in without finishing once I figured out those stitches I never heard of before (tfb, ssk) and saw the pattern! But I think I like finished projects.....

I started a small project Saturday night. A child's poncho. For charity. I may even make two - for sisters. Will tell you more about the project in a future post - at present I am pretty sketchy on the details.

Am going to ask my granddaughter to make a gold star she can paste on my forehead everytime I finish one of my unfinished projects! I can't tell you how many - and I am afraid to count them. Stay tuned. Feel the energy!


Blogger Tara said...

Oh mama! It's beautiful. I want to knit one ... will you teach me? How much yarn do I need? What weight? What size needles?! I want to plan. I'm done all my socks and must start something new! I want to be beautiful without even trying :)

12:28 PM  

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